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Welcome to svf_limsThe Last Icon Maker Standing challenge community playing with stock and fashion photos.
01 If you want to participate, you have to sign up. If you enter an icon and your name isn't on the sign up post: it will not be accepted.
02 You can use any icon technique to make an icon, but no other pictures: unless stated. NO ANIMATION
03 Our challenges will last a week(or two),the schedule will be posted with each new challenge.
04 All participants get 1 skip, you can get 2 if you pimp us :)
05 Only new graphics, they must be made for this comm
06 You may change your icon as much as you want, just be sure you know the deadline.
07 Each challenge, there will be 1 or 2 participants (depending on the points difference) voted out. When 2 participants remain, they will battle it out in a final challenge.
08 Additionally, each round there will be a people's choice and a mod choice
09 When you vote, you are asked to give a reason why you have chosen a certain icon. Please be reasonable and polite.
10 You can NOT vote for yourself, and be fair when you vote.

I used stock banner made by cadley for making a header. Thanks a lot hon)
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